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The Running

Tebery 20 Pack Green Advanced Training Tennis Balls Practice Ball with Mesh Carry Bag

Tebery advanced training tennis balls, Ideal for tennis ball machines, tennis practice, or even playing with your pets.

Product Features

  • Made of natural rubber for consistent feel and reduced shock, Set of 20.
  • The bounce height is about 135cm, these balls will have the same consistent bounce for the life of the ball.
  • Totally blank for autographing and display.
  • Come with reusable mesh carry bag for easy transport and storage.
  • Ideal for tennis ball machines, tennis practice, or even playing with your pets.

Star Top Deluxe Pre Cut Walker Tennis Ball Glides – Walkers Legs Universal Precut Glide Balls, Accessories Gifts for Elderly Seniors or Medical Rehab (Yellow)

Here at Star Top, we develop walker accessories to improve everyday life, and make the lives of our customers less problematic. These walker balls are no exception.

🎾 Ready to Use – Precut for your convenience, why Risk injury or waste time cutting old balls!
🎾 Extra-durable felt. Don’t Settle for fast wearing walker balls! Guaranteed to last as long as Regulation Tennis Balls, because they are!
🎾 Glide Easily across surfaces while
🎾 Protects your Floors from scuff marks
🎾 Choose your style – (Zebra, Tiger, Cheetah, and Leopard.)

🎯 MOST ANY BRAND Walker, including Drive Medical Walker, Vive, Nova, Medline, Invacare, and many, many more!
🎯 ANY WALKER ACCESSORY PARTS or products, including bag or bags, basket, tray, cup holder, tote, pack, front wheels
🎯 GIFT IDEAS for seniors, special needs, post surgery, bariatric recovery, long term disability, handicapped / disabled man or woman, adults or kids
🎯ANY INDOOR SURFACE (not best used outdoor long term on concrete, rough metal, rugged terrain

Life with a walker is hard enough, why complicate it with tube grabbing walker ski’s or expensive replacement pads or caps? Time proven, inexpensive tennis balls are the answer to get you rolling back into action.

What are you waiting for?
Order your Deluxe Star Top Walker Balls today!

Product Features

  • 🎾IMPROVES WALKER GLIDE MOBILITY for any senior or movement-challenged person over time. Startop Walker Balls use real tennis balls with premium grade felt, which glides optimally over doorways, sidewalks and carpets where other coasters get stuck.
  • 🎾PRE-CUT STAR TOP OPENING for and UNIQUELY SECURE FIT – why risk injury or waste time cutting old balls. Our specially engineered cut pattern allows for much a better fit then any other walker balls on the market.
  • 🎾PROTECT YOUR FLOORS FROM SCRATCHES – Unlike plastic walker glides, our custom cut walker balls set of 2 will never cause scuff marks, nor nick or scratch your precious hardwood, linoleum, or Pergo floors. Glide easily across most surfaces.
  • 🎾CHOOSE YOUR STYLE and express your personality with not the same old boring yellow, blue or purple, but choose from four animal prints! (Zebra, Tiger, Cheetah, and Leopard.)
  • 🎾SUPER EASY TOOL-FREE INSTALLATION – Easily slides onto 1 1/8″ tubing of most walkers easier with no additional tools necessary. And, we use actual tennis balls, not cheap toys, allowing for maximum durability, to sustain long term use.