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runme Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor, Activity Tracker Smart Watch with Sleep Monitor, IP67 Water Resistant Walking Pedometer with Call/SMS Remind for iOS/Android (Black+Purple)

Product Features

  • 24 HOURS’ ACTIVITY TRACKING: Check your heart rate, steps, calories, walking distance and exercise time at any time you want. Vibration awake clock, mindfulness training, specific sports modes, sedentary alert, calls& SNS notifications and sleep monitor help to manage your life healthier.
  • DAILY SLEEP MONITOR: Use with the VeryfitPro app, to check your daily, weekly and monthly sleep report. Analyze your sleeping condition- awake time, light sleep, deep sleep, combine with reasonable exercise and food consumption, gradually improve your sleep condition.
  • 14 SPORTS MODES & GPS ROUTINE MAP: Choose a sports mode for more accurate measures and reports about the heart rate changes and calories consumption.7 sports modes could be shown on the fitness tracker, choose the top 7 sports modes you want from the 14 options in the APP. Through the smartphone GPS, the app could draw a map of your running routine.
  • CALL & SNS NOTIFICATIONS: After connecting to your smartphone, ID107HR Plus could give you vibration notification of calls, messages, SNS notifications when you are not available to use the phone. Please make sure the distance between the watch and your phone is not above than 7 meters.
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN & BUILT-IN USB CHARGING METHOD: Neatly and fashionable design with a 0.96″ OLED screen makes the watch suitable for every occasion. Ergonomic design fits the wrist curve well, 5 watch interfaces could be chosen as your wish. Note: Each Runme product comes with a 12-month warranty which covers all the quality issues. Don’t be hesitate to buy!

Fighting Sickness with Fitness

This book is not just another fitness book with generic exercises and over-complicated diet plans with insane restrictions. Instead, it is a testament to healthy living. Fighting Sickness with Fitness will empower you to take control of your life with a customizable blueprint for developing your life in all areas: physical, emotional, and mental. You will want to read and reread this book and use the stories and methodologies to help you on your journey to reaching your full potential.

Wilson GST TDJ Junior Football (EA)

Using the same technology as the official sized GST balls the TDJ GST combines the classic TDJ pattern with Game Saving Technology. The GST is the only football to offer patented sewn in stripes and ACL composite leather laces. Combined with exclusive Wilson GST leather, the GST offers one of a kind game saving technology. Wilson is the #1 name in football and offers the best selling game footballs in the country and are approved in all youth leagues.

Product Features

  • GST is the softest leather football on the market, with a unique feel and distinct light brown color. The ball is also easier to control thanks to a high level of tack.
  • Patented sewn-on stripes are composite material instead of paint, and provide 82% more grip to aid release for more accurate throws.
  • Patented Accurate Control Lacing (ACL), which is pebbled instead of smooth, provides 174% more grip in all conditions.
  • The same skilled hands that sew every NFL leather football also make every leather GST. This exceptional craftsmanship results in unmatched quality control.
  • Junior Football: Ages 9-12
  • Proper Inflation Level: 13 PSI
  • Handmade in the USA by craftsmen and women in Ada, OH
  • WE Leather – Exclusive Wilson leather with deeper pebbles and firmer texture, look for the “W” on the ball.
  • Laid-In Stripes – Patented exclusive composite leather stripes are 82% more gripable than traditional painted striped
  • Bladder – 3-ply bladder for better air retention and moisture control
  • ACL Laces – Patented ACL (Accurate Control Lacing) laces made of pebbled composite leather, provides 174% more grip than traditional laces
  • Lining – Multi-layered lining for better shape and durability