On the Ball: Doubles Tennis Tactics for Recreational Players

Would you like to win more doubles matches simply by understanding the game better?

On the Ball is a valuable guide for doubles players of any level who want to improve their play, and enjoy the game more. Author Gyata Stormon, a three-time Canadian senior doubles champion and experienced coach, will show you the way in this 234-page book.

On the Ball will help you to:

  • Improve your ability to stay alert and focused during each point;
  • Become confident playing your position at the start of the point and to know when and how to make changes;
  • Develop your effectiveness playing one up and back, both up or both back;
  • Refine your ability to communicate and play together seamlessly with your partner.

On the Ball is designed to fit into your tennis bag (8-¼” w x 6″ h). It’s organized into bite-sized topics and includes more than 200 court diagrams, making it easy to understand and put into practice. It’s sure to become a trusted companion on your exciting journey of doubles tennis.

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