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Grow Young Fitness Chair Exercises for Seniors – Starter Pack DVD Foundation – Cardio – Core – Balance – Yoga – Easy Safe Effective Workout DVD for Elderly

This is the most fun exercise DVD you will ever find!

This DVD will help you rediscover a level of strength and freedom you may not have felt in years!

Explore a workout DVD that can help restore the body’s range of motion, help with weight loss, and improve balance naturally.

These workouts will retrain muscles to move the right way, decrease pain, and put the body back into proper alignment.

This DVD will help:
– Balance
– Core strength
– Weight loss
– Flexibility
– Range of motion
– Lose Weight
– Decrease Pain
– Feel Younger
– Walk Easier
and so much more!

Contains 5 workout routines on 1 DVD:
– Foundation
– Cardio
– Core
– Balance
– Yoga

FOUNDATION WORKOUT (30:23 min) – Get back to the basics with this low impact workout. Great for beginners! Balance, Strength, Flexibility all in one fun workout.

CARDIO WORKOUT (36:55 min) – Burn calories, lose weight, and have more energy throughout the day! This fun cardio workout keeps you moving for many glorious years to come.

CORE WORKOUT (15:43 min) – Trim and tighten your waistline with the best core chair workout around. Never go to the floor with Grow Young Fitness!

BALANCE WORKOUT (8:40 min) – Better balance starts here! Re-gain confidence in your balance and reduce the risk of hazardous slips and falls!

YOGA WORKOUT (31:30 min) – Want to try yoga, but can’t get down on the floor? With this unique Chair Yoga Practice, you never get down on the floor! It’s yoga made for you!

Limited time price – take back control of your health!


Product Features

  • EASY – These simple chair exercises are easy to follow, and perfect for seniors or beginners! They will improve your energy, strength, balance, mobility and so much more!
  • EFFECTIVE – This DVD may also start to relieve pains associated with arthritis, back pain, and injuries so you can feel great again!
  • TOP RATED – Recommended by Doctors all over the United States.
  • WORKOUTS – Foundation – Cardio – Core – Balance – Yoga
  • PLUS – Working out with Deron helps you lose weight in a fun and effortless way.