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Keep Fucking Going – Food & Fitness Journal | Food Journal | Gift for Women | Fitness Planner: Funny Swearing Meal Planner + Exercise Journal for Weight Loss & Diet Plans

A funny and interactive way to keep track of what you eat, prepare diet plans, monitor your fast, develop new habits and achieve your fitness goals with this beautifully illustrated Food & Fitness Journal Today!

Collectables: Funny Gifts for Mom, Gag Gifts for Women

►Complete Measurement and Weight Loss Tracker
►Guided Goal Setting
►Fasting Logs
►Dedicated Recipes Logs
►Interesting Journal Prompt to Kick Start your Journey
► Don’t Break your Heart – Progress Tracker
►Results and Reflection Page
►Treatment Record
►Current Medication and Supplements Record

►Daily Journal Pages – Which Include:
✔Fitness Log
✔Complete Meal Planner
✔Water Intake Tracker
✔Sleep Log
✔Feelings and Emotions Tracker
✔Plenty of Space For Daily Affirmations, Reflection and Notes

Give It a try, you will love it!

Skiing Gift Coffee Mug – Going Downhill Fast – Gift for Skier

All mugs are 11 ounces and have a glossy finish. The text and image on each mug is very sharp – we do not allow poor quality mugs to leave the shop. The mugs are dishwasher and microwave safe because of the dye sublimation process that we use. This process chemically bonds the ink to the mug surface. You can expect your mug to last a very long time with regular use. We can customize and/or personalize the design for you. This may take extra time, and for more complicated requests we may require an additional fee.

Paleo Diet: How you can eat a Paleo Diet on a Budget without Going Broke: (25 Slow Cook Recipes and Desserts)

Paleo Diet: How You can Eat a Paleo Diet on a Budget without Going Broke

Do you dream of a lean, energetic, healthy you? Are you tired of expensive, complicated diets that DON”T work? If you’ve had enough of ineffective fad-diets and you’re done with wasting time and losing money instead of weight, look no further!

This book is not another fake “diet plan” filled with the same old tired fluff you’ve already heard before!

Instead, it’s jam-packed with natural, intuitive diet, exercise and lifestyle solutions that kept ancient humans fit, lean, alert and healthy for millennia!

If you’re seeking REAL methods to truly transform your body, brain and life, WITHOUT breaking the bank, this book is exactly what you need!

Inside, you’ll learn amazing ancestral secrets that will help you:

• Go from being the sick, sad, tired and fat “hunted” to being the lean, youthful, sharp hunter you were meant to be!

• Utilize natural fats as delicious and effective tools to rejuvenate your body, mind and mood!

• Eat nourishing, mouth-watering REAL foods that will leave you satisfied and slim!

• Employ ONE MAJOR secret weapon for the weight loss, clarity and health you deserve!

• Heal “modern day” diseases like autoimmune disorders, depression, type 2 diabetes, obesity, candida and more through time-honored Paleo methods!

• Conquer your body and modern lifestyle to become a lean, mean, fat-burning survivor-forever!

• And much more

ACT NOW to access the incredible weight loss, healing, rejuvenating results of the Paleo diet and start living your best life TODAY!

Going Going Gone: Homerun Classic

Product Features

  • Crush your friends in real-time homerun battles
  • Realistic HD and 3D graphics
  • Turn your Facebook friends into rivals
  • Post your high scores and rankings on Facebook
  • Free tournaments, challenges and unique events
  • Choose from dozens of bats to hit monstrous homeruns
  • Unlock powerful power-ups to defeat your friends