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Besthls 16 Pack Dog Tennis Balls for Pet Playing Fetching, Pet Safe Dog Toys for Exercise & Training – 2.5 inches

Besthls Tennis Balls are pet safe and perfect for exercise and training. Our tennis balls are the ideal size for fetching and are designed to keep your dog healthy through interactive play. The bright orange,red, and blue yellow colors make them easy to locate in bushes, leaves, and grass. They also float, so they won’t get lost in the water. Whether you are at the park, beach, or in your backyard, simply enjoy the pleasure of throwing a tennis ball with your best friend! Our regular size tennis balls are 2.5″. Both are made of grade A rubber and do not contain any harmful coatings or gases. The non-toxic, non-abrasive felt is safe for your dog’s teeth, so you can feel confident about playtime. They are a fun, safe choice for puppies and adult dogs of all ages!

Product Features

  • DURABLE& SAFE-This tennis ball is made from grade A natural rubber and felt material, non toxic, non-abrasive felt is safe for your dog’s teeth and it’s pretty sturdy, not easy to get broke in normal use.
  • PERFECT for EXERCISE: This tennis can guide dogs to run, help increase their physical activity and promote metabolism and increase appetite.
  • BRIGHT COLORS – Bright yellow, blue, orange , easy to locate in bushes, leaves, and grass so dogs can quickly find and retrieve from far.
  • DESIGNED FOR INTERACTIVE PLAY: Our tennis balls for dogs are designed to help you have fun with your furry canine friend. Not intended to be used as a chew toy.
  • PERFECT SIZE TOY: 2.5 inches / 6.4cm diameter tennis ball. Great to use for pet toy.

Inte Tennis Trainer Rebounder Ball | Cemented Baseboard with Rope Solo Equipment Practice Training Aid Serve Hopper Sport Exercise Base Powerbase Self-Study Rebound Power Base Rebounder Pro

Features: Maximize your speed and cardio The perfect trainer for practicing all your tennis skills Builds quickness, hand-eye coordination, and stamina Sets up virtually anywhere and stores easily: cord and tennis balls fit into base Practice on your own without needing a ball machine or a wall Rugged, non-slip rubber base for indoor/outdoor practice Base weighs 1.75 pounds (filled) No need for a ball machine or wall Durable 15-foot Kinetic Cord stretches up to 30 feet Dual-swivel connectors keep cord from tangling Includes 5 elastic strings Ages 7 and up How to use: 1.Place water, sand, or any weight on the baseboard of the training equipment. 2.Adjust the elastic rope to the length you want. 3.Hit the ball as hard as you want, and the ball bounces back to you. Specifications: Material: ABS plastic Color: Orange Base size: 9.5 * 8 * 2.7 inches Base weight: 0.6 lbs (empty) Package includes: 1 x Tennis Trainer Base 5 x Elastic Cord 1 x Practice Tennis Balls After-sales service: The quality and workmanship of the our tennis trainer is so solid and reliable. If you have any question about the product you received, please contact us without hesitation. We will try our best to help you and improve your purchasing experiences.

Product Features

  • PLENTY ELASTIC STRINGS – Package includes 1 x PowerBase Tennis Trainer + Extra Elastic Strings + 1 Tennis Ball with Metal Connector. We added extra elastic strings so you can attach even 2 or 3 elastic rope to one ball. This way, you can strike as hard as you can without the strings breaking and the tennis ball will rebound fast. Also, if one of the strings breaks, you can change it immediately.
  • SOLO TRAINING – Our Fill & Drill builds quickness, hand-eye coordination, and stamina. Will improve your concentration, athletic ability and develop interests of sports. Easy to use and convenient for training without picking ball, and it is lightweight and portable, helpful for single person practice.

RehabZone Core Strength Training Program: Home Exercise Program Designed to Build a Stronger Core for Sports Performance and a Better Life

The RehabZone Core Strength Core Strength Training DVD Program is a fun, easy to follow home exercise program created for those seeking advanced core strength and better sports performance. Whether you’re considering this program to strengthen your core, or just want to optimize your performance on the field or court, we know you will find the workouts both comprehensive and easy to follow. This program has been designed to strengthen the core muscles and improve endurance. We will guide you through a series of concise yet highly effective workouts designed to optimize flexibility, stability, and strength. The body’s core muscles are the foundation for all other movements. They stabilize the spine and provide a solid foundation for movement of all 4 extremities. The entire program is broken up into four easy to follow workouts that gradually become more challenging as you progress. Be sure to do the workouts in order and follow the instructions. Stick with the program and you’ll notice that doing an everyday activity starts tobecome a little easier. That sack of groceries can be grabbed with one hand, climbing the stairs takes less effort, and you’ll be a power house on the golf or tennis court. Whatever your personal goals are we wish you luck and congratulate you on wanting to live life to the fullest. The program also includes instructions for FREE unlimited digital streaming so you can view workouts from any electronic device including computer, tablet, or smart phone.

Product Features

  • CREATED BY PROFESSIONALS: The RehabZone Core Strength Traing Program was created by a Board Certified Rehabilitation Physician and Master Personal Trainer to teach people an advanced home exercise program to improve core muscle flexibility, stability, and strength. This DVD program includes four 24min workouts that gradually progress at your pace. This package also includes an instruction manual as well as instructions on how to obtain FREE Digital Access so you can view the entire program fro
  • FUN, EFFECTIVE, EASY TO FOLLOW: The program is easy to follow with clear instructions. You will be guided through a series of exercises that can be done from the comfort of your home. Each routine has been carefully choreographed by professionals to maximize strength and endurance in the least amount of time. Each level will start with a 2-minute warm-up, progresses to the core portion of the program, and end with a 2-minute cool down. Each core portion consists of 2 sets of five differen
  • REVOLUTIONARY PROGRAM: The goals of this program are to: 1) Target specific muscles for those wanting to improve sports performance whether that’s on the golf course, tennis court, or the game of life. 2) Build a stronger back and improve posture. 3) Improve Balance and Coordination
  • TRUSTED BY PROFESSIONALS: Physicians, physical therapists, and personal trainers frequently recommend the RehabZone programs for patients and clients who are looking for the most effective, easy to follow home exercise and rehabilitation programs. If you are currently satisfied with your level of core strength or your current routine, please consider our program next time you are looking for an effective home training program.
  • 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE: Your RehabZone Purchase & Complete Satisfaction is Unconditionally Guaranteed by Innovations for Wellness, LLC. If you are less than 100% Satisfied with this program for ANY reason, we sincerely urge you to take advantage of our “Pain-Free” Refund Policy.

Antmona Abs Stimulator, Muscle Toner – Abs Stimulating Belt- Abdominal Toner- Training Device for Muscles- Wireless Portable to-Go Gym Device- Muscle Sculpting at Home- Fitness Equipment, Black

When it comes to our customers’ satisfaction, we have one rule: settle for nothing but the best. That’s why we work only with premium quality products and suppliers, that are guaranteed to deliver to our high expectations.

Why is this product for you?

Because you are a busy and overscheduled persons that still wants to stay fit, yet lacks time to do long-lasting performing workouts. From now on, you can sculpt your abs from the comfort of your own home with no effort whatsoever due to the muscle toner, the only device you need in order to sculpt your body just the way you want it in no time.

Some of the amazing features of this product:

  • Wireless and portable
  • Light weighted
  • No professional guidance required
  • Safe to use
  • Results are guaranteed

ORDER NOW and get the body you want from the comfort of your home!

Product Features

  • Abs Stimulator : HOW IT WORKS – In order to help you get in the best shape of your life, our team has designed the ultimate training device: a muscle toner and stimulator that allows you to lose fat and workout your muscles from the comfort of your home. The vibration and micro-current technology, as well as the intelligent adjustment are just the right ingredients in order to get the best product for easy and performant trainings.
  • Ab Stimulator: NO MORE LONG HOURS AT THE GYM – Being a busy and modern person with a constantly crowded schedule, you probably think that achieving that sculpted body is impossible since you don’t have the time to go to the gym. The solution is simple: 15 minutes of the device twice a day and you are going to see the results on your abs in no more than 3 months.
  • Muscle Toner: SCULPT YOUR BODY – Losing weight is no fun at all with complicated diets and maybe even starving yourself, but the worst part is that, even though you may be able to drop a few pounds, you will not gain any muscle. The stimulating belt allows you to train your abdominal muscles and sculpt your body just the way you want it.
  • Ab Belt: EASY TO USE – All you have to do in order to get the perfect abs is to place the belt on your abs, choose one of the training modes and enjoy. There is no professionally assistance required or extra steps that you have to take. And, in order to make sure you will never skip the workout, we have made the belt light weighted and easy to carry around with you.
  • Flex Belt: SAFETY IN EVERYTHING – With the stimulating belt, you never have to worry about safety since not only do you not need a professional trainer to use it, but it is harmless for everybody. The 2019 new technology provides with vibrations that work your muscles and help you get in the shape you want in no time.

Segarty Tennis Balls for Dog, 12 Pack 2.5inch Premium Quality Orange Bouncy Ball Toy for Puppy Training, Play, Thrower, Outdoor Sports, Exercise & Fetch …

Pet tennis has always been the favorite toy of dog. There is a tennis ball, they can play long time at home or outside. Sometimes, they will develop a lot of their own game. It is very fun. The toy can exercise dog. You give your dog a wonderful gift, they will love you so much.
Made of rubber core and felt material, very durable for use.
One of best toys for your pets dogs.
Safe for your dogs to chew it.
Non-toxic, non-ordor, safe for playing.
Portable size, suitable for indoor and outdoor playing.
Your dogs will find more fun in this ball.
Material: rubber and felt
Color: yellow
Size: About 6.5cm/2.5”
Package Included: 
12 x Pets Dogs Play Ball
Due to the difference between different monitors, the picture may not reflect the actual color of the item. We guarantee the style is the same as shown in the pictures.

Product Features

  • Safety Material – All balls are recessed in rubber and covered with tennis ball fabric for safety. It has a good elasticity and biting. Rubber taste will promote dog’s bite desire.
  • Easy to Catch Up – Dogs like, dog is easy to catch up after the ball rolled out. Environmental protection products, non-toxic harmless, rest assured to use.
  • Application – This ball is the perfect toy to give your dog some exercise and engage their motor skills. This ball is soft and flexible, making it both durable and fun to chew once your dog has retrieved it.
  • Gift for Your Pets – A excellent present for your dog on birthday, Christmas, festive occasions and other anniversaries.
  • Package Included – Set of 12 dog tennis balls, enough qualified toys for daily use and standard size suits for all dog ball launchers.

SWAX LAX Lacrosse Training Ball (Shamrock), Same Size and Weight as Regulation Lacrosse Ball but Soft – No Rebounds, No Bounce Practice Ball

Swax Lax lacrosse training balls are the first and only soft lacrosse ball that are the same size and weight as a regulation ball. The Swax Lax practice ball was developed by a longtime lacrosse coach and has been field tested by boys and girls in kindergarten through men’s and women’s college lacrosse teams.Swax Lax balls come in many colors, including several limited-edition prints. Add one to your cart today!

Product Features

  • Swax Lax is an Official Training Partner of US Lacrosse
  • Patented soft practice lacrosse ball helps new players develop their skills with more confidence. Makes lacrosse more approachable to beginners; less pain if hit by ball (US Patent No. 10,478,677)
  • Softer than hard rubber lacrosse balls, gentle on hardwood gym floors, best ball for indoors and gym practices. Suitable for rebounders but not wall ball
  • Less bounce and no rebounds make for a more productive practice environment
  • Perfect for all levels of lacrosse players, indoor play, practice, and training

Dennis Brouse on Horse Training (Paperback + DVD): Bonding with Your Horse Through Gentle Leadership

This is the companion book to the horse-training television show Saddle Up with Dennis Brouse. In it, Brouse shares the unique training methods he has pioneered. His methods are simple, easy to use, and effective. He does not “break” horses but rather focuses on cooperation, encouragement, and partnership. Topics include roundpen work, control techniques, problem solving, despooking, and trailer loading. Learn from an expert how to truly communicate and bond with your horse. Packed with instructional training photography, the book is also packaged with a DVD featuring thirty minutes of valuable training footage.


Arm Pro Bands Baseball Softball Resistance Training Bands – Arm Strength and Conditioning, Available in 3 Levels (Youth, Advanced, Elite), Anchor Strap, Door Mount, Travel Bag, Training Download

ArmPro Bands are a resistance training tool for athletes of all ages and abilities who are trying to strengthen their arms without using heavy weights. Strengthen your rotator cuff and gain rotational speed along with increased flexibility in the entire arm. Increase throwing velocity, distance, accuracy, and endurance. Arm Pro Bands are very affordable and easily portable to use anywhere desired. Athletes can use the Arm Pro Band before, during, and after practice or a game. Choose from 3 levels of resistance: Green (ages 12 and under), Red (high school athletes), and Blue (advanced athletes). This Offer also includes our unique and secure velcro attachment strap that allows the user to attach the ArmPro Bands to a secure pole or beam as well as a door mount for an easy at home workout. Many Parks do not want people attaching devices to their fences. This way you can use the product anywhere you can find a secure pole, beam, or sturdy, securely closed door. Similar Products do not offer these attachment options.

Product Features

  • TRAIN ALL AGES AND ABILITIES: Choose From 3 Color-Coded Resistance Levels (Green/Youth, Red/Advanced, Blue/Elite)
  • VIDEO TRAINING DOWNLOAD: Download Instructions Included with Purchase
  • ANCHOR STRAP: Easily Anchor Resistance Band to Pole or Beam with Velcro Attachment Strap
  • DOOR MOUNT: Attach at top or between hinges of any sturdy/closed door for an easy at home workout
  • RESISTANCE TRAINING CAN HELP BALL PLAYERS: Strengthen Arm and Rotator Cuff; Stretch Out Arms, Shoulders, Back, Obliques; Increase Throwing Velocity, Distance, Accuracy

Franklin Sports Lacrosse Goal Shooting Target – Lacrosse Training Equipment – Corner Targets for Shooting Practice

The Franklin Sports Lacrosse Shooting Target is the perfect training aid for lacrosse players of all ages. Built with heavy duty construction to stand up to the hardest shots, this target attaches easily to any official 6′ x 6′ lacrosse goal. Improve your shot by hitting the corners until you can rip even the hardest shots with pinpoint accuracy!

Product Features

  • TRAINING AID: This lacrosse shooting target is the perfect training aid for players of all levels!
  • STANDARD SIZE: Fits all official 6′ x 6′ lacrosse goals (goal not included)
  • HEAVY DUTY: Constructed from heavy duty tarpaulin and reinforced with steel grommets to ensure that this target can handle even the hardest shots
  • EASY ATTACH: Comes with 18 bungee straps to securely fit the target onto any 6’x6′ lacrosse goal
  • IMPROVE YOUR SHOT: Refine your shot with pinpoint accuracy to the corners!